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The benefits of catnip to cats are more beyond the ingestion of it.Catnip is undoubtedly best recognized as an intoxicating herb that cats find to be irresistible.It is owing to this scent that it has a strange fascination for cats,.

Catnip oil can encourage all of the functions or systems which operate in the body, like the nervous,.When used properly and with caution, there are many benefits to catnip for humans.

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We explore what it is and why it effects your feline friend so much.

Many generations have benefited from these forms of catnip as an alternative to medicine.

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The phytochemicals found within the plant are most often related to the sedative.The Benefits of Wheatgrass for Cats. This should give her more energy to chase birds and bat around her new catnip toy.Silver vine is a great alternative to catnip, and many cats which.

Catnip is native to Europe and was introduced to this country in the late 18th century.Catnip can also be used as medicine for illness, and as a mosquito repellent.

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) also known as field balm, catswort or catmint, is a perennial mint which grows in northern Hemisphere in the most territories with moderate.Anhn. Behav., 1966, 14, 372-377 CATNIP AND OESTROUS BEHAVIOUR IN THE CAT BY GARY F.Catmint (Nepeta cateria), also commonly referred to as catnip and catswort, is an herb well known for its popularity and effects on cats.

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Catnip, also known as catmint, catswort, and field balm, is a member of the mint family of herbs and is believed to have.

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I suppose everyone who is familiar with the Catnip plant knows how some cats, small or great, go absolutely nuts over it.

Catnip is a wonderful herb, especially for children, as it is gentle and soothing to help promote sleep and restfulness in time of illness and colic.

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Overview, History, Effects and medicinal benefits of this plant.

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You find your cat rolling and twisting on the floor, rubbing his face against it and drooling everywhere.Moreover, researchers have also proved it to be a reliable treatment for some diseases. 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Catnip.

This plant grows wild as a weed but can also be found in herb gardens.Catnip is considered to be nonaddictive and completely harmless to cats.

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